Graduate Testimonial

My journey in becoming a Montessori teacher has been an exciting and encouraging experience. I am so grateful to the faculty for their level of excellence in teaching the required curriculum. They were extremely supportive and helpful. I was able to experience the day-to-day activities of a Montessori school environment working with children, ages 2 ½ through 6, under the supervision of an experienced Montessori teacher. The Montessori Early Childhood course was very informative and thorough and I am very happy with my new vocation.

Rosemary Leoni

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Assistant Montessori Teacher Workshop Early Childhood Montessori Education 2 ½ through 6 years

This 10-day (60 hours) certification course is for all those who would like to become Assistant Teachers in a Montessori classroom, need a refresher course, or who are interested in the Montessori approach to Early Childhood Montessori education. Parents, ECE graduates, and teachers are welcome.

Monday, July 7 to Friday, July 11, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday July 14 to Friday July 18, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Lectures and demonstrations will include the fundamental principles of the Montessori Philosophy.  Hands-on Practice is available to all students.

• Role of the Teacher  
• Presentations:
  •   Practical Life
  •   Sensorial Education
  •   Language
  •   Mathematics
  •   Cultural Education

“The man who does not live in an adaptive environment can neither develop his faculties nor learn to know himself.” Dr. Maria Montessori

The cost of the 10-day workshop is $800.00

A deposit of $400.00 is required on registration.

Balance of $400.00 will be due on Monday, July 7, 2014

A Refresher Course is Available.  Please contact Newborough Teacher Training Institute for more details.

Assistant Teacher Workshop - July 7th to July 18th, 2014

*Those who would like to earn an Assistant Teacher Certificate will need to attend the full 10 days from 9 am. - 4 pm. (60 hours)-------------------$800.00

* Those who would like a refresher course in one or more of the 5 subjects, may choose from the above list at a cost of $90. per day. Each subject requires 2 days.

Lunch Break is from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. You may bring your lunches or leave the lecture classroom to eat out.

Monday, July 7th
Brief history of Dr. Maria Montessori’s life and work  
Practical Life Presentations (Every day living skills)
The purpose of each activity (direct and indirect aims)

Tuesday, July 8th
Montessori philosophy
Practical Life presentations on care of self, others, and the environment

Wednesday, July 9th
Sensorial Education (education of the senses): Visual – dimensions, colours, geometric shapes

Thursday, July 10th
Sensorial Education:
Tactile, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory

Friday, July 11th
Language Arts:
Metal Insets
Sandpaper letters – learning the phonetic sounds of the letters of the alphabet Word building – Pink and Blue Schemes

Monday, July 14th
Language Arts:
Phonograms and Non-phonetic words - Green Scheme
The Parts of Speech – building sentences (syntax)
Symbolic Grammar

Tuesday, July 15th
Mathematics: understanding the numbers 0 to 10 – quantities (concrete)
and symbols (abstract) The Snake Game
Introduction to the Decimal System – quantities and symbols

Wednesday, July 16th
Mathematics: Static and Dynamic operations with the Golden Bead material Static and Dynamic operations with the Stamp Game
The Teen and Ten numbers – concrete and abstract quantities and symbols Beads, Boards, and Charts – recording

Thursday, July 17th
The Montessori approach to teaching the Cultural subjects: Geography and History

Friday, July 18th
The Montessori approach to teaching the Cultural subjects: Botany, Zoology

A Certificate will be awarded on completion of this 10-day Workshop totaling 60 hours

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