Graduate Testimonial

My time at Newborough Teacher Training Institute was a very pleasant experience. There was never a question or comment that I felt uncomfortable asking. Ms. Taylor was always willing to advise and answer, or even simply discuss any given topic that was brought up. She did not hesitate to share her personal experiences and stories for the benefit of our learning. Her insight and knowledge allowed me to learn to a greater extent than I had personally expected.

In addition to the amicable attitude and demeanor of Ms. Taylor, Paul was also full of extremely logical and relevant information. He has a gift of being able to break down and simplify the Montessori materials and theories in a way that allows one to fully and completely understand, in its entirety, the teachings of Maria Montessori.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course and all of the assignments that were given to the class. I am confident in what I do, mainly in part of what I have learned throughout my time and Newborough.

Bethany Resnik

Sybil Taylor's Philosophy Of Education

Young children learn, with of without teachers. They absorb knowledge from any environment they are in. Effective education of the children must involve a modification of the adult.

A teacher should be a positive model, treating all children with dignity and respect so that they will learn how to treat others. As programmer of the environment, the teacher needs to be organized. It is important to have materials and activities appropriate for the children's ages so that each child may experience success and want to move on. A teacher is also a demonstrator, of the materials being presented to the children, and needs to be consistent and stimulating. To be a passive observer of each of the children, the teacher must remain in the background to perceive when assistance is needed. He/She is a protector of the children's right to learn. Children cannot learn in chaos. They must feel free that their rights are guaranteed. In return, children come to understand the meaning of respect and order. Children who have self-confidence will respond positively to their environment and their teachers.

I believe that a teacher of young children should be a condition rather than an obstruction for the children's learning. Qualities are equally as important as qualifications. Human qualities such as warmth, affection, compassion, high-spiritedness, conviction, a good sense of humor, and eagerness to learn new ways to work with children, are needed.

Sybil Taylor