Graduate Testimonial

Newborough Teacher Training Institute has given me the confidence to move ahead in my teaching vocation. It gave me the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I do, how well I do it, and where I can improve as an educator in the classroom.

I found the Montessori Early Childhood Education Program to be intensive, and very personalized, while affording me with valuable one-on-one relationships with the faculty.

Newborough Teacher Training Institute has delivered on its promise of quality in their lectures and course work. I have never worked so hard, nor felt so proud of the work I have accomplished, as I did while attending the course offered by the Newborough, and learning the Montessori teaching method.

Jennifer Battaglini

About Newborough Teacher Training Institute

Century Montessori Schools


Century Montessori Schools has two locations in Richmond Hill that offer the students of Newborough Teacher Training Institute placements where they may complete the practicum hours required to successfully complete the course work.

Academic Program

A diploma is awarded on successful completion of the Early Childhood Montessori Education course.

Newborough Teacher Training Institute is a member of the NACC and the OACC.