Graduate Testimonial

I first encountered Sybil Taylor in August 2011 when I went to meet with her to discuss the possibility of training at Newborough Teacher Training Institute.

I had heard a lot of positive things about her, both as an individual and as a teacher, and I can say, after that first meeting, I knew that everything I had heard was indeed true.

My first encounter with Paul Cedrone was the evening of the first class in September and I knew, from that moment, that this was going to be a very enjoyable year.

Both Sybil and Paul are very passionate about what they do, and they hold very high standards for themselves in teaching us as students.  As the weeks turned into months, I knew that, with the training I was receiving from them, I was going to become the best teacher that I could possibly be.  I always felt that I could ask questions without feeling self conscious, and I was always comfortable, even when I made mistakes.

Both Sybil and Paul teach not only because they love it, but also because they are extremely good at it.  If you are considering taking a course in the Montessori Early Childhood Education, I believe this is the course that you should take.  As the years progress, I believe that you will begin to hear people say "The students that graduate from the Newborough Teacher Training Institute do so at the highest standard, and we are lucky to be able to employ them"

Good luck as you embark on your Montessori path, believe me when I say that you are in for the ‘ride of your life’

Nicola Fasullo

2012 Newborough Teacher Training Institute Graduate (with Honours)

About Newborough Teacher Training Institute

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Century Montessori Schools has two locations in Richmond Hill that offer the students of Newborough Teacher Training Institute placements where they may complete the practicum hours required to successfully complete the course work.

Academic Program

A diploma is awarded on successful completion of the Early Childhood Montessori Education course.

Newborough Teacher Training Institute is a member of the NACC and the OACC.